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Fitness Class


Fitness Class


Our fitness classes are the perfect balance between strength and conditioning training. Classes will focus on strengthening the core, improving cardio and toning your entire body. Whether your goal is to improve fitness abilities, lose weight or increase strength, our fitness classes can help you get there!

Our yoga classes will focus on lengthening and aligning your mind, body & soul. Vinyasa flow classes will consist of a sequence of movements and transitions aligned with the flow of breath to challenge and nourish the body and mind as one.

A blend of resistance, postural biomechanics and cardio. Aiming to build muscle and alignment, this is a full body workout focused on core strength. If you're an athlete, rehabilitating an injury, looking to improve back pain, balance, posture, or even lose weight- Reformer Pilates is for you!

Join us for this class and train your way to a healthy body and mind. Our Mat Pilates classes involves a series of exercises that will strengthen and lengthen the muscles, help to increase flexibility, improve posture and stimulate the mind body connection.

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